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Latest News

Latest News

Beta Custom Client

Server Starts In


Hello everyone. Lets talk what we changed so far

+ Reborn max level limit have been removed from now on, you can choose your preferable level and be your own boss (this should make game a little bit longer)

+ Added new super reborn dende

+ Changed Demigra Amulet and Elite Patroler level requirement

+ Bander now will contain new items to buy which is demigra amulet and eliter patroler amulet, you wont need to craft them, you'll be able to buy them for gold, but keep in mind that amulets have charges and after certain death ammount they will disappear and you will need to buy them again (this will give more value to gold)

+ Added new quest which rewards you for reaching certain level points

50lvl - 20 Senzu Root, 1 Gold

100lvl - 20 Senzu Root, Band Of Loss

150Lvl - 20 Senzu Root, 5 Gold, Red Ribbon Helmet

200Lvl - 20 Senzu Bean, Band Of Loss, Health scroll

250Lvl - 20 Senzu Bean, 10 Gold, Bergamo Armor

300Lvl - 20 Senzu Bean, Band Of Loss, Exp 20% Scroll 

350Lvl - 20 Senzu Bean, 5 Red Senzu, 20 Gold

400Lvl - 20 Senzu Bean, Band Of Loss, Black Goku Legs

450Lvl - 20 Senzu Bean, 30 Gold, Mana scroll

500Lvl - 20 Senzu Bean, Exp Boost, Event Loss Box, Band OfLoss

600Lvl - 20 Senzu Bean, Loot boost Box, Band OfLoss

700Lvl - 20 Senzu Bean, Band Of Loss, 3k Hp and mana

800Lvl - 20 Senzu Bean, Band Of Loss, 3k Hp and mana

+ Added task npc which is located on top of the building north of the temple

+ Added new rank which is "Grand Priest" once you finish hercule mission rank "God Of Destruction" you'll be able to do start doing Grand Priest rank missions

+ Increased selection of rewards that you can choose for event points

+ Added achievement system which will reward you for doing certain missions like: Completing all hercule missions, grand priest missions, crafting 6 items, enchanting weapon to +10, finishing 15 daily tasks, reaching certain skill levels, using senzu bean and enchanted senzu, making a wish with dragon balls, finishing saga, collecting all exploration points. Rewards are permanent.

+ Added secret chests that contains some of the items including exploration points

+ Demigra sword damage have been increased so it would be equal to gloves

Information we would like to mention, this edition we will try to limit multi clients usage, the maximum amount you can use is 2 opened clients, we cant promise we'll be able to track everything, but we will try to limit it. This change should make everyones gameplay a little bit longer which will make getting best items a little bit harder. 

TOP 5 Player Rewards

Congratulation TOP5 players. Also you can recieve TOP S3 player badget tag on discord, all you have to do is Message admin with login name and your player name

Bntisaking - 7000 Premium Points, 50 Days Premium

Nikov - 5000 Premium Points, 40 Days Premium

Vegetto - 4000 Premium Points, 30 Days Premium

Goku Bj - 3000 Premium Points, 20 Days Premium

Brolly - 2000 Premium Points, 10 Days Premium


Season 3 Is Coming

Hello dear players,

First of all i would like to appology for not being so active but due to my computer issue and overall life problems i wasnt able to provide more information what im working on or provide more updates. So we would like to start new Season 2, but we arent sure about particular time, but all we can provide is that Server will be closed on Monday 01/25 and we will start implementing new updates. And of course top players will be rewarded like always.

All information will be posted on our Discord and Facebook page related about updates.


Server Status

Uptime: 3h 55m


Best Guilds

Best Players

  • John lvl: 702
  • Paul lvl: 696
  • Snajper ... lvl: 661
  • Yamcha lvl: 614
  • Mirajane... lvl: 601
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