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Latest News




Hello, lets talk about this season what we improved and what we changed and i will mention few other stuff we did previous season near season end so people would know what was made and what to know if they're not using Discord.


Level protection command 

So we had issue previous season that people were abusing their power and killing super weak players and forcing them to quit, so we figured a way to create protection command that will allow you to exp without being killed, but it comes with consequences which is x2 slower exp and you are allowed to use this command if your not reborned and not above 400 level.

Dynamic Enchant System

Mostly there exist weapons and equipment enchants, i think i dont need to say anything about weapon enchants because its quite obviouse what it does, so rather lets speak about new equipment upgrades. So each upgrade will give you all stats +1, 25hp/mn regeneration, 250hp and mn which is huge game changer for everyone

Exp Boosts on weekends

Another automatic event suggested by player which is exp boost on weekends by 30% quite simple.


Now your custom hotkeys will be saved on player name, instead of overall client, this way you wont need to readjust your hotkeys whenever you relog to a different character

PVP Arena

You will be able to fight in this arena without losing your level. Located in heaven castle

Dynamic Item Tooltip

Another bigger improvement is item tooltip which makes game look even more custom and unique and it saves way more time than clicking and pressing look on item

Boss Health Bar

Another improvement is Boss Health Bar which should give more vibes of mmo game, and its easier to track monster health this way so its cleaner solution than just checking Battle table

Scalable Chat

We got information that people are still using WW2 monitors so we had to make player chat panel scalable so they could adjust the size how ever they want

Tutorial Panel

At the top left corner there will be panel with FAQ so we answered all of them and made quick tutorial how everything works in our server. It should be usefull for new players

Ping Feature

Small change but should help to notice when ur lagging and not and if its your fault or servers fault

Incoming and Dealt Damage

Another change is displayed message is unique too which is a bit below your character, it will help you to track incoming information better instead of tracking server-log all the time

Loot Channel

It was super annoying when loot was displayed in Server Log panel, it was pretty much impossible to track what you got from the monster if someone is attacking you because of incoming information.

Map Adjustments and Fixes

Dont need to say anything much about it because its self explaining

Rebalanced Last Spell Damage

This move is questionable but we had a lot of reports that last spell legit one shotting people so we had to nerft it and now we buffed it a little bit more now, so time will say if we need to buff it more or not, because we're not sure how balance will react with this new upgrade system

Major Crash Fixes and Optimizations

Probably the most important part and the hardest part to do is fixing crashes and improving server optimization we managed to solve the crashes we had previous season, so they should no accure anymore, but ofc game development wont be game development if there wont be any flaws.


There is more stuff to talk about, but its not important to know because other changes wont impact the game that much in any way or it suppose to be secret :) And we recommend to join our discord because most of the updates and people ideas are talked about in our server so its important for every player to participate if we want to achieve high level content :) Good luck and see you TOMORROW!

Server will be closed 08/01 20:00CET












Immortal God - 6000 Premium Points, 50 Days Premium

Kame - 4000 Premium Points, 40 Days Premium

King Of Hell- 3000 Premium Points, 30 Days Premium

Crown Of The King - 2000 Premium Points, 20 Days Premium

Katzsusu - 1000 Premium Points, 10 Days Premium


We Are Looking For Brazilian/Spanish Staffs

Hello :)

since our community is based on multiple countries and majority players are Spanish and Brazilians we are looking for Staff team that will represent their country and will help them. Because our team can bareally communicate with these players and answer their questions. So if you want to be part of our team and grow with us send us ur application keep in mind we REQUIRE YOU TO SPEAK ENGLISH

Send Applications to this email


In-Game Name:

Discord Name:


Countries you can represent as a STAFF:

Timezone (GMT):


Rate your activity in-game (1-10):

Rate your English (1-10):

Length of time on server:

Have you ever been banned before? If so, explain why:

How would you improve the server or what would you change?

Tell us a little bit about yourself (50 words min.):

Why do you want to become an administrator? (100 words min.):

Why should you be picked above all other applicants? (100 words min.):

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